The Truth About Root Canals: 8 Myth Breaking Facts

The Truth About Root Canals: 8 Myth Breaking Facts

May 01, 2019

Root canal is one of the treatments that make people anxious. If you are also one of those people who are worried about the root canal treatment, let’s have a look at some myth breaking facts:

Fact #1: Root Canal Therapy Relieves Tooth Pain

Most people fear that root canal will cause pain but in fact, it relieves the tooth pain by removing the decayed part of the tooth which is the main cause of pain.

Fact #2: Tooth Extraction Is Not an Alternative to a Root Canal Procedure

Tooth extraction is only advisable when the infection or damage is beyond repair. It is not an alternative to root canal treatment and the natural tooth should be preserved till the time it is possible.

Fact #3: Root Canals Do Not Cause Illness

The procedure has evolved over the period of time. There are no scientific studies or reports that link root canal with infection in the body.

Fact #4: Root Canals Are Virtually Painless

One of the big reasons people avoid root canals is because of the fear of pain. This is because historically, the procedure could be painful because of lack of anesthetic and effective pain relief. Our root canal dentist in Peoria, AZ incorporates these modern techniques to ensure a comfortable experience.

Fact #5: Root Canal Teeth Function Like Regular Teeth

The tooth that has undergone root canal will feel natural and have same biting functionality as any other tooth.

Fact #6: Skipping a Necessary Root Canal Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Skipping a root canal will only make the infection grow further and damage the teeth to a point where extraction is the only option.

Fact #7: Root Canals Usually Last a Lifetime

While some patients may need additional treatment after a root canal, most root canals can last for the life of tooth. Patients who practice good oral hygiene and get regular cleanings done have better outcome than patient’s who don’t.

Fact #8: Root Canals Have a High Success Rate

Most of the root canals have a high success rate says the dentist near you. This means the treated tooth does not become re-infected at the root.

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