Emergency Dental Care Peoria, AZ

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Emergency Dental Care Peoria, AZ

Have you or a loved one experienced a dental emergency and are looking for Peoria emergency dental offices near you? At Westbrook Village Dental, a local emergency dental clinic near you, we are proud to provide a range of emergency dental care services during your time of need. Prior to visiting our emergency dentist in Peoria, please contact us to let us know you are on your way.

Our Emergency Dental Services Near You

Severe Toothache

When it comes to toothaches, they typically slowly increase in pain over time. However, in certain situations sudden and severe toothaches do occur. We recommend gently brushing and flossing your teeth to see if any debris may be causing your discomfort. In the event that it does not help, feel free to contact our emergency dentist near you for an appointment.

Damaged Teeth

Have you chipped, cracked or even fractured a tooth? We recommend collecting any pieces if you can, gently rinsing the mouth to clean it and then contacting our emergency dentist in Peoria. Depending upon the severity of damage there are various treatment options which can restore the appearance and function of your affected tooth.

Partially Dislodged Teeth

Have you or a loved one been hit in the face, causing a tooth to become partially dislodged? We recommend gently rinsing your mouth to clean it and then attempting to push the affected tooth back into the socket (if pain is present, leave it alone). Next, immediately contact our Peoria emergency dentist. With partially dislodged teeth, time is extremely important in attempting to save the tooth.

Knocked Out Teeth

Certain dental injuries may result in a tooth that is completely knocked out. We recommend immediately placing the dislodged tooth in water or milk to keep it moist. Next, gently rinse your mouth to clean it. Contact our emergency dentist in Peoria immediately. The tooth may be able to be saved. In the event the tooth cannot be saved, we offer various options for replacing missing teeth.

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