What to Know About Partial Dentures

What to Know About Partial Dentures

Apr 16, 2019

Partial Denture is a set of replacement teeth attached with a pink/gum-colored plastic bases. It gets the strength of chewing hard substances from its metal and acrylic body. There is no one perfect substance to make partial dentures. Metal dentures may suit to one while acrylic denture to others. It totally depends on the person and the situation they are in. Westbrook Village Dental will help you take the best decision on what partial denture should you go for.

Why would I need Partial Dentures?

When one or two of your teeth are missing, chewing gets difficult. The other teeth, due to this pressure, will make adjustments and shrink the bone tissue. This will hamper your overall dental health. This is one of the reasons why one needs partial dentures. It will keep your oral health in place and your gums, jawbone, facial muscles intact. There are two types of partial dentures:
i) Fixed Partial Dentures- Adding permanent teeth to your jaw after tooth grinding.
ii) Removable Partial Dentures- Getting a set of teeth that can be removed and put on at any point in time. This doesn’t require tooth grinding.

More Benefits of Partial Dentures

Another benefit of partial dentures is that aesthetic. It makes you look good and adds to your charm. When you go for fixed partial dentures, a dentist will grind your teeth and mould it in a way that cleanses your mouth and traces any sign of tooth decay. If you go for removable partial dentures, it would be highly affordable and there will be no need to tooth grinding which will make the process shorter and painless. When other teeth are healthy, partial dentures is your go-to option. Although, if that’s not the case, then you can go for full dentures and make sure your dental health stays on point.

Not getting a partial denture cannot an option after reading so many benefits about it. At Westbrook Village Dental, we make sure that you get the most out of the money that you spend. Visit our website for more information regarding our healthy clients and professional ways of dealing with things.

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