Common Myths and Facts About Dental Veneers

Common Myths and Facts About Dental Veneers

May 16, 2019

Every advanced dental treatment comes with some myths and misconception attached to it. Even when dental veneers are perfect for improving the imperfection of smile, they are not chosen because some of the facts are unknown to the patient. Some of the myths associated with dental veneers are:

Painful Procedure

Many believe that veneers procedure can be extremely painful but the use of local anesthesia makes it a comfortable and painless procedure. Proper medication can be further suggested for comfortable experience after the procedure. It is a comfortable and appropriate dental treatment for a perfect smile.

Highly Noticeable Prostheses

Patients avoid veneers because they believe that it will be visible. Veneers, on the other hand, are natural looking treatment for a perfect smile. When a dentist provides veneers for a patient, it is made sure that the color, size, and shape of veneers resemble the natural patient’s teeth thus providing a natural looking result.

Not Beneficial

Patients avoid veneers because they believe that it will not be suitable for their condition. Veneers can be used anywhere in your teeth to correct all types of teeth issues. It can treat issues like discolored front teeth, chipped teeth in the upper layer or issues in lower teeth. Veneers can be bonded anywhere in the mouth.

Involve Excessive Tooth Reduction

Definitely, in order to apply the veneers, a dentist may remove some amount of teeth but this is quite minor to get noticed. After the removal of minimal portion of affected area, veneers are applied in a manner to ensure better appearance. This helps in tooth reshape and restructuring.

Why Invest In Veneers?

Veneers are a suitable treatment option for those who wish to eliminate their teeth imperfection. It comes with wonderful benefits and thus is worth investing in. Some benefits of Peoria dental veneers are:

  • 1 With veneers, it is possible to get a stain-free smile for long coming years.
  • 2 The dental veneers may last for more than 30 years.
  • 3 Dental veneers are a perfect solution for cracked, chipped, gapped or stained teeth.
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