Nov 16, 2018

Dental crowns are very common treatments used for preventing the need for extraction when a tooth is harmed by trauma or damaged from decay or infection.  Patients experience both comfort and the return of self-confidence after this treatment.

Dr. Ken Magri and the team of dental professionals at Westbrook Village Dental want to educate its patients, current and new, on the usage and the benefits of dental crowns.

  • Repair Teeth

Enamel covers each tooth, gives teeth their attractive, white color and protects the teeth from the influences of chewing and biting.  The enamel is the strongest substance in the human body, but it can be compromised by decay and damaged by a chip or a crack.  Any damage to the enamel will expose the unprotected dentin, the bony tissue beneath the enamel, and leave it vulnerable to decay and further breakage.

Dental crowns replace the enamel.  Their function resolves decay, repairs cracks, and chips, and rebuilds worn teeth.  Patients have the option, based on preference and the location of the injured tooth within the mouth, of the crown’s material: all porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or full gold.

  • Improve Teeth

Crowns can improve the appearance of a single tooth or a full arch, when teeth become discolored, chipped or naturally come to be uneven in length.  Each crown is custom-created to match the natural teeth to improve the smile and mend the function of all teeth.

  • Strengthen Teeth After a Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure to remove the nerve, pulp and blood supply from a tooth.  This procedure may become necessary after injury or damage from decay and infection.  Root canals leave a tooth brittle and at risk to further injury.

The dental crown strengthens a tooth after a root canal treatment and lengthens its usage for many years.

The dental professionals at Westbrook Village Dental, located in Peoria, Arizona, are trusted and highly recommended for treating general, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry.  Modern and innovative technology is applied in all treatments and procedures to restore and enhance the natural beauty of a smile.

Please contact Westbrook Village Dental for a consultation on dental crowns in Peoria, AZ or take advantage of a full emergency visit.
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