Who Are Orthodontists and What Is Their Role with Your Oral Health?

Who Are Orthodontists and What Is Their Role with Your Oral Health?

Aug 01, 2020

A division of dentistry for treating malocclusion, which is a condition where the teeth are incorrectly positioned when the mouth is closed to result in an improper bite, is called orthodontics. Dental professionals specializing in orthodontics are called orthodontists.

Orthodontists can treat several problems associated with the teeth just as dentists can but generally concentrate on the subject they have specialized offering treatments to people who have wide gaps between their teeth, malocclusion, straightening crooked teeth, aligning the tips of the teeth, and boosting the long-term health of the teeth and gums.

Treatments for problems that are described can improve the appearance of the teeth and can also lead to better chewing and speaking ability to help protect the teeth from additional damage or decay. When achieving these goals, orthodontists use many types of dental devices, including braces, aligners, plates, and headgear.

Suppose you are affected by one or more of the problems mentioned earlier; you may have to research for an orthodontist near you who can treat the issues affecting you. Orthodontists are also dentists working in a specialized field. You may equate them with dentists and avoid visiting them on weekdays, citing work, or other commitments. However, the dentist open on Saturday around your location could as well be qualified in orthodontics, and if you visit him or her, you can get the treatment needed to correct the problem with your teeth.

Why Should You Be Visiting an Orthodontist?

Malocclusion could be affecting you because your teeth and jaw haven’t appropriately developed, leaving you with crooked and misaligned teeth. Your physical health will not get affected when you have malocclusion because it is a variation in the positioning of your teeth. However, the shape of your face will be impacted along with the appearance of your teeth to result in embarrassment, lack of self-confidence, and as well as depression.

The reasons for the malocclusion could be due to injury to the teeth or facial bones and persistent thumb sucking during childhood. Your eating, speech, and oral hygiene is affected when you are affected by severe malocclusion needing you to begin treatment from Westbrook orthodontists because of the way your teeth are positioned.

Beginning Orthodontic Treatment to Improve the Problems Affecting You

You can begin orthodontic treatment by visiting dentistry in Peoria, AZ, where the orthodontist will assess the condition of your teeth to predict how they will develop if no treatment is accessed. The assessment performed will involve taking your entire medical and dental history, conducting a clinical examination, taking x-rays of your teeth and jaw, and finally making plaster models of your teeth. After that, the orthodontist will discuss a treatment plan with you and prepare the same.

Treatments with orthodontists usually begin at the age of 12 or 13 years when the permanent teeth have emerged, and it developed fully. Older people and also access treatment at any age if the problems affecting them were not discovered early due to various reasons. Presently more than 2 to 3 million adults are receiving orthodontic therapies in the United States, confirming the popularity of orthodontics as a method to improve the appearance of the teeth and smile.

Before beginning orthodontic treatment, you must be practicing excellent oral hygiene because when the devices are attached to the teeth, they can trap food particles forcing you to brush and floss more often than earlier. The additional brushing is to prevent tooth decay during the treatment. The orthodontist will recommend you do not have carbonated drinks, sugary snacks, and other foods that are known as culprits for promoting tooth decay.

Comparing Orthodontists and Dentists

Your regular dentist will usually recommend an orthodontist if they notice problems with your teeth and believe your cause will be better served by a dental professional specializing in orthodontics. Dentists also receive training to treat orthodontic issues but generally refer patients to orthodontists because they specialize in straightening your teeth and correcting your bite. You can verify if your chosen professional is qualified to undertake orthodontic treatment before you go ahead.

An orthodontist is a specialist for treating problems that are affecting your teeth and smile. He or she is a professional you should be proud of visiting because the issues affecting you are playing havoc with your oral and overall health. This dental professional can undoubtedly correct the problems to leave you with good oral hygiene and a beautiful smile.

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