What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Dec 17, 2018

The prospect of getting a tooth removed can be frightening, even with today’s advanced technology and access to the best dental care. But it’s necessary, if a tooth has reached the point it requires extraction, to have the procedure performed. Since you’re likely to have many questions and concerns, Westbrook Village Dental has compiled everything you need to know before you get your tooth extracted.

Why Are Teeth Removed?

Tooth decay, crowding, and tooth infection are all reasons that tooth extraction may be necessary. Even getting braces may require the removal of teeth in order to provide space for the other teeth to shift into place. Even cases outside of oral health may result in the need to remove teeth, such as chemotherapy.

Thankfully, today the process is very simple and safe. But not having the procedure performed will lead to many more problems.

How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Generally, simple tooth extraction ranges from $75 to $200, and may be higher depending on which anesthesia is necessary.

The removal of impacted teeth is much higher, and can be as much as $4,000. Many services are based on area of living expenses, so there is much range.

How to Prepare a Tooth For Extraction

Prior to scheduling an extraction, the dentist will take an X-ray of the soon-to-be extracted tooth. Advise your doctor of any medicines, vitamins, or supplements you take. Also tell your doctor about any other conditions you may have such as:

  • Heart defects
  • Liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Renal disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Hypertension
  • Damaged heart valves
  • Artificial joints
  • Impaired immune system
  • Adrenal disease
  • Bacterial endocarditis

Your dentist will ensure any preexisting conditions are treated and stable prior to tooth extraction. Antibiotics may be prescribed prior to the procedure if surgery will be long, you already have an infection, or have specific conditions.

There will be a number of other requirements, such as not smoking prior to the procedure, that your dentist will give you which you must carefully follow.

What is the Procedure For a Tooth Extraction?

Simple extracts require local anesthetic, and the tooth is removed with forceps. Under surgical extraction, incision will be made into the gum tissue, and the tooth will be cut out. You may be under general anesthesia for this procedure.

What are the Risks of a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction in Peoria, AZ is a safe procedure, but there are risks which are usually outweighed by the benefits. A blood clot naturally forms in the socket, and if this is dislodged, it can be painful and lead to infection. You may also experience nausea, cough, swelling, and chest pain.

What is the Recovery Period From a Tooth Extraction?

You will recover within a few days. Applying ice helps with swelling, and keeping a gauze pad on the affected area helps reduce bleeding. In addition to taking prescribed medicines, avoiding straws, tobacco, and hard foods will facilitate recovery.

You can brush and floss like normal, but avoid the extraction site. The mouth should be rinsed with a salt water rinse.

Within a few days, you will be able to eat normally.

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