Replacing Missing Teeth: Why It Matters

Replacing Missing Teeth: Why It Matters

Oct 09, 2018

Were you aware that an estimated 178,000,000 Americans are missing at least one tooth in their smile? Of those, 40,000,000 are missing all of their teeth! Although at Pleasant Dentistry our main goal is to protect and preserve your smile, we do also offer restorative dental treatment options for those who are missing one, a few, most or even all of their teeth. Interested in scheduling a consultation for teeth replacement options? Feel free to contact our Peoria, AZ dental practice. We’d be happy to get you on our schedule.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Did you know that having a missing tooth can impact far more than just the appearance of your smile? Once a single tooth is missing, bone reabsorption, demineralization and significant changes to the supporting structures of your mouth begin to occur. Eventually, missing teeth can lead to tooth shifting, misalignment, loose teeth, and even additional tooth loss. As teeth shift in the mouth, it can also create a harder environment to keep clean, allowing debris, bacteria and even plaque to thrive.

At Pleasant Dentistry we are proud to offer various tooth replacement options in Peoria, AZ which include:

Peoria Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or a few teeth in a row? Dental bridges in Peoria, AZ can be an affordable, effective and quick way to restore missing teeth in a smile. Dental bridges are designed to be attached using dental crowns placed on adjacent healthy teeth or even by placing dental implants.

Peoria Dentures

For those that are missing several, most or even all of their teeth, both complete and partial dentures can be an excellent option. Dentures are created to resemble a natural smile and can improve a patient’s ability to chew, eat and even speak properly. For those interested in a secure and permanent option, implant-supported-dentures may also be recommended.

Peoria Dental Implants

Are you missing one, several or all of your teeth? Implant dentistry is a newer restorative dental option that allows your dentist to surgically attach artificial tooth roots (implants) that can support prosthetic teeth. Dental crowns can be used to replace individual teeth, while bridges, partials, and dentures can be used to replace multiple teeth at once.

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