Here’s How Cosmetic Dentistry Gives You A ‘Smile Makeover’

Here’s How Cosmetic Dentistry Gives You A ‘Smile Makeover’

Jan 01, 2021

Cosmetic dentistry before-and-after pictures never fail to highlight how beautiful a person’s smile is. It is amazing that in as little as one or two trips to the dentist’s office, anyone can get a smile makeover. Is your tooth chipped or broken? Decayed or misaligned? Which is it? You can get this fixed at Peoria Dental Services. All you need are a few dental procedures.

Cosmetic dentists work with you using their acquired knowledge of professional oral care. The focus is on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth, and smile overall. It doesn’t just stop there. Some dental procedures they perform are not just for aesthetics alone. They also serve to preserve teeth integrity and strength. Depending on the state of your teeth and your preference, the process can be simple or a bit complex. In this article, we will take our time through the ways cosmetic dentists can help you at a dental clinic. Let’s dive right in.

Professional Teeth Whitening

There are many options available to you for teeth whitening over-the-counter. We have kinds of toothpaste, whitening strips, mouthwashes. However, many of them can not give you the result you desire, assuming they provide any results at all. You would have to wait for weeks before any real changes. Worse still, there can be some sensitivity to and irritation from these products. With professional teeth whitening at Peoria Dental Services, these are not issues to bother about.

Teeth whitening at a dental clinic is a basic and affordable way to get a bright smile. After plaque, tartar, and other debris are cleaned from the surface of each tooth, the process will begin. Your cosmetic dentist will use products with higher bleaching strengths than what obtains over-the-counter. Don’t be surprised if the teeth get lighter than their natural color. Teeth whitening isn’t permanent. Over the years, teeth can become stained and worn from food, drinks, drugs, and lifestyle choices like smoking. Regular oral hygiene is important. You can make a return trip to the dentist’s office for the procedure in two-three years.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are also known as ‘Hollywood teeth’. They are wafer-thin shells of tooth-colored porcelain or resin that are tailored to your tooth’s appearance. The dentist removes about a half-millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface first. Then, they bond the shells to the front of the teeth using dental adhesive. Veneers solve problems like crooked teeth, cracked or damaged enamel to noticeable gaps between two teeth. Don’t go looking into the mouth of your favorite actor’s though. Dental veneers are exceptionally realistic and can not be noticed easily. They fit well into the teeth color, shape, size, or length.

Dental Bonding

Cosmetic bonding takes 30-60 minutes per tooth. This means two to three teeth can be completed in one appointment. Here, a durable plastic material which is a tooth-colored resin is applied to the tooth and hardened with UV or laser light. This bonds the material to the tooth well. After this process, your dentist will trim, shape, and polish the tooth. Cosmetic bonding is a great way to fix decayed, chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown or cap can be made of metal, porcelain, ceramic, resin, or porcelain-fused-to-metal. They are used on the misshapen, decayed, or discolored tooth. The crown fits over the entire tooth above the gum line to cover the tooth. They can hold a cracked tooth or keep a weak one from breaking down finally. A dental bridge is made of crowns for the teeth on either side of a gap with false teeth in between.

Inlays And Onlays

These are used on teeth with mild to moderate tooth decay or those that lack enough structure to support a filling. If there’s no damage to the tooth cusp, the inlay is placed directly onto the tooth surface. An ‘onlay’ will be used instead of the cusp or a greater portion of the tooth is damaged. It will cover the entire tooth surface. Both are made in a dental laboratory. The dentist then fixes them to the teeth with adhesive dental cement. They prevent further decay in teeth besides strengthening them and restoring their shape.

Other procedures are dental implants and dentures. Both work for missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium replacement tooth roots inserted into the bone socket of the missing tooth. Dentures are quite common. They are used to realign the teeth’s arrangement by applying pressure over a period.

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