Who is an orthodontist?

Who is an orthodontist?

Feb 24, 2019

Are you planning to make a career in dentistry and have your own dental practice some day? Or does the profession of dentistry make you curious? Or are you just trying to understanding the making of an orthodontist for your own research? Well – whatever your purpose is, Westbrook Village Dental has prepared this small guide for you to get all the information right in one place.

Defining an Orthodontist

Fundamentally, orthodontists are different from dentists. The most correct analogy for differentiating between the role of a dentist and an orthodontist would be the difference between a doctor and a surgeon. A doctor, like a dentist, performs general set of broad based duties whereas a surgeon, much like an orthodontist, has special qualification required to hone expertise over and above the general practice of medicine or dentistry.

An orthodontist can provide the services of a dentist, but not the other way round. A dentist’s job would entail cleaning and whitening procedures along with surgical procedures such as root canals.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

An orthodontist deals with a more nuanced are of helping the patients align their teeth in the apt way and improving the way they bite. Hence, an orthodontist is an expert in the field of misaligned teeth and bites. Whether it is an overbite or an underbite, or misaligned teeth or crowded teeth, the orthodontist holds the expertise here.

How Much Training Does an Orthodontist Need?

In order to become an orthodontist, an individual has to go through the regular training and qualifications that a dentist has to go through. This would mean the basic qualifications in dentistry and a certain amount of experience. Orthodontics, being a more specialised field, calls for a greater degree of specialization. Hence, the individual will have to go through additional qualifications of an orthodontist and gain additional experience in the field.

How Does an Appointment with an Orthodontist Work?

The appointment with an orthodontist in Peoria, AZ works identically the way it works with other doctors. It is recommended that you plan out an annual or bi-annual plan of seeing your orthodontist to ensure you are regularly visiting her or him.

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