Which Toothpaste Is Best for Receding Gums?

Which Toothpaste Is Best for Receding Gums?

Jul 20, 2022

When struggling to find the best toothpaste for receding gums, you can come across many brands offered by drugstores and supermarkets. Every brand promoter claims they are the optimal solution to stop additional gum recession or prevent the symptoms causing it.

When affected by receding gums and searching for a toothpaste, you must ensure you purchase a suitable toothpaste for your gum health and your financial health because the toothpaste is not available at the most affordable prices. Therefore the optimal professional who can help you select the best brand to combat gum recession is the dentist near you, a professional with complete knowledge about dental hygiene products.

This article focuses on two of the best brands for receding gums and explains why they might be suitable for your situation.

Corsodyl Toothpaste

Corsodyl toothpaste has established itself as the top brand if you suffer from bleeding gums. Besides producing toothpaste for receding gums, manufacturers also manufacture mouthwash aiming and assisting in preventing gum disease. The manufacturers work on the theory that if they can prevent gum disease, avoiding receding gums is not a challenge.

Chlorhexidine is the active ingredient in Corsodyl, working as an antiseptic in your mouth. Various mouth conditions such as thrush, mouth ulcers, cleaning wisdom teeth, and improving gum disease, which results in gum recession, receive help from Corsodyl besides battling against receding gums.

While Corsodyl functions effectively against receding gums, it has its downsides because it stains your teeth from the regular use of chlorhexidine toothpaste. As a result, you might develop horseshoe-shaped marks around your gum line and between the teeth that might require teeth whitening treatments from dentists. Chlorhexidine can also cause taste disturbances besides temporary tingling in the cheeks and tongue. Finally, if you are looking for minty toothpaste, Corsodyl tastes disgusting.

Corsodyl undoubtedly helps stop receding gums to provide the gum care you need. However, you must use it only under the advice of a dentist because the toothpaste will not help with the underlying cause of gum disease that requires help from a qualified dentist and is best used as a supplemental aid after your dentist establishes the cause of your receding gums.

Sensodyne Toothpaste

The top toothpaste available on the market that helps reduce sensitivity caused by receding gums is Sensodyne. Unfortunately, this toothpaste doesn’t claim that it can prevent receding gums or gum disease but can merely reduce its symptoms.

Potassium and strontium are the active ingredients in toothpaste for sensitive receding gums. You experience sensitivity when your gums recede to expose the tiny microscopic holes in them to cause sharp pain if something penetrates them. Sensodyne functions by clogging up the holes in the tooth’s surface to prevent food particles from getting into them.

Downsides also exist with Sensodyne toothpaste because the protection formed by the toothpaste degrades quickly soon after you stop using it, requiring at least two weeks before it becomes effective.

Is Listerine Good for Your Gums?

If looking to battle against receding gums because of gum disease, you must commit to practicing excellent dental hygiene by brushing after meals, flossing once every day, and swishing with an antibacterial mouthwash twice a day to prevent gum disease or combat it if you are already affected. You can use Listerine specially created as a defense mechanism against gingivitis by using Listerine®; total care gum protect milder taste mouthwash because it helps fight bacteria above and below the combined besides helping you effectively prevent dental plaque to give you twice as healthy gums besides brushing your teeth.

Which Fruits Are Good for Your Teeth and Gums?

When looking to maintain oral care in optimal shape considering over-the-counter remedies and brushing is not the only solution. There are plenty of fruits that help maintain a healthy smile.

You can undoubtedly rely on the best toothpaste available on the market to battle receding gums. However, you help yourself better by incorporating fresh fruits into your diet because of their high nutritional value and teeth cleaning benefits. Chewing on crunchy fruits encourages saliva production, which helps wash away plaque-causing bacteria and food particles. You can try apples and strawberries besides leafy vegetables, and ensure you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and protect your receding gums. Having an Apple a Day will not keep the dentist away. However, when you have apples or other fibrous fruits, it undoubtedly helps. However, it would help if you relied on fresh apples instead of considering sugary apple juices.

Westbrook Village provides appropriate advice on using the best toothpaste for receding gums. If you are affected by gum disease, consider arranging a meeting with this practice to protect your situation by using the best toothpaste available.

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