What Are the Health Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

What Are the Health Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

Apr 04, 2022

A bright and white smile is one of the first things that a person notice in you. Everyone wants a dazzling smile, but few are aware of the immense advantages of teeth whitening and the physiological health benefits that teeth whitening offers. A beautiful smile plays a vital role in forming the first positive impression. Some with stained teeth find it difficult to speak or laugh freely in public. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved dramatically in the last few decades to rescue you from this embarrassment.

The Enemies of White Teeth

Over time the teeth tend to lose their natural color, shape, texture, and strength. Regular chewing and biting of food, coupled with poor oral cavity hygiene and aging, contribute to discolored teeth.

The dentine is a calcified tissue and one of the four major components that make up the teeth. The dentin contains grey, yellowish, and reddish hues that transpire over the translucent enamel. However, enamel is the most potent substance in the human body but can be knocked or damaged by specific materials and particles. Particular food and beverages can cause a permanent stain in the tooth.

Poor oral hygiene and inadequate brushing can lead to the accumulation of plaque and tartar. The yellowish tartar can gradually shield the white teeth and be the thriving ground of bacteria. The other reasons contributing to discolored teeth are:

  • Chewing and smoking of tobacco
  • Vinegar
  • Aging
  • Mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine
  • Artificially colored food and beverages

Teeth Whitening and Cleaning

It is not very difficult to restore the lost color and shine of the teeth. There are both rapid and non-invasive methods to prevent discoloration of the teeth. Visiting the dentist regularly to remove the tartar and plaque can be the first step. You may also opt for over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions for teeth whitening at home.

Teeth whitening techniques are adequate but not permanent. You need to repeat the process to ensure that the teeth remain white. You may opt for teeth whitening at home or professional techniques, but you should know the limitations before undergoing them.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

All toothpaste removes stains and prevents tooth decay due to mild abrasive. Teeth whitening toothpaste is special ones that contain chemical agents or soft polishing materials that provide additional and more effective stain removal.

Whitening Strips and Gels

Teeth whitening gels are peroxide-based clear gels that can be applied directly on the teeth with a brush. The strength of the peroxide might vary depending on the level of the stain. The initial results are visible within a few days, and the results last for about 4 months.

Tray-based Teeth Whiteners

The tray-based teeth whiteners are primarily used in professional teeth whitening by dentists that involve filling a mouth-guard or tray with teeth whitening solution or gel and placing them on the teeth. The tray is worn for a couple of hours each day of the whitening treatment and can cost you about $150 to $600.

Health Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Periodontal diseases and infections affect millions of people all around the globe every year. Poor oral hygiene is one of the primary reasons contributing to periodontal diseases. Most teeth whitening agents contain carbamide peroxide that kills gum disease-causing bacteria.

The fantastic teeth whitening results can indue the practice of regular brushing and flossing among patients. The hydrogen peroxide found in teeth whitening rinses and toothpaste can prevent cavities and promote healthy oral health. The teeth whitening toothpaste also contains abrasive components that clean the teeth more effectively.

White and clean teeth can boost your self-esteem and reduce the anxiety of meeting people. Yellow teeth and a foul smell can stop you from smiling openly. You can also be anxious about ignorance and rejection due to discolored teeth. A bright smile through teeth whitening can relieve stress and boost your mental health.

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