The Best and Worst Foods after Dental Implant Surgery

The Best and Worst Foods after Dental Implant Surgery

Jun 20, 2022

You might consider getting dental implants to replace your missing natural teeth because many commercials state you can have the foods you love with dental implants. However, while the commercials provide truthful information about the foods, they don’t reveal you cannot have your favorite foods until the implants give you the chewing strength after your body integrates with them.

When you discuss dental implants with the dentist in Peoria, AZ, the professional will likely provide information on the post-surgery diet you can have, which will include none of your favorite foods. In reality, the dentist warns you about preventing damage to your dental implants and setting your treatment back to avoid a list of foods that you might favor during your recovery to help the implants integrate well with your jawbone.

Information that you cannot have certain foods should not discourage you from having dental implants in Peoria because they are the best solutions for replacing missing teeth. The sacrifices might have to make during your recovery are a minor inconvenience that helps ensure your implants for a lifetime with their artificial teeth.

What to Eat the Day after Implant Surgery?

Your mouth will likely be in a delicate state after getting dental implants placed in your jawbone. The initial 24 hours are critical for your dental implants because the tissue surrounding the implant site remains sensitive and needs time to heal. Therefore you must incorporate the following foods to help with meal planning.

You can have smoothies containing essential vitamins to restore your energy. Smoothies are an ideal option because they don’t require chewing. You can also include applesauce as it provides many nutrients without harming your dental implants. The dentist advises you to refrain from hot foods and beverages. However, you can enjoy cold soups and broths to keep yourself nourished.

When having liquids, you must exercise caution not to drink with a straw because the suction pressurizes your dental implant and interferes with your recovery. You must also refrain from having alcohol or smoking for at least a few days after dental implant surgery.

What to Eat in the Weeks after Implant Surgery?

Your recovery from implant placement surgery continues for three to six months, depending on the kind of procedure you underwent and the number of implants you had placed in your jawbone. You cannot exist on a soft food diet as described earlier throughout your recovery.

As your jawbone continues to recover from the surgical procedure, you can gradually reintroduce some solid foods into your diet. For example, in the weeks following dental implant placement, you can add foods such as mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, pasta, grits, soft meat, and warm soups.

Eggs and omelets are protein-rich and, when mixed with vegetables, make for a well-balanced diet. Potatoes are incredibly versatile, and preparing them in different ways doesn’t cause them to lose their texture.

You can also introduce meat into your diet, starting with softer meats like chicken and fish before moving over to ground beef finely chopped into salads or pasta to prepare a delicious meal. Dairy products also help you in your recovery because they are rich in calcium and protein and help strengthen your teeth.

The dental offices near me recommend that you have protein-rich foods to aid the recovery process after your surgery. Protein helps build and repair gum tissue affected by the surgical procedure besides helping your body fight infections.

What If You Don’t Have an Appetite after Implant Surgery?

It is perfectly normal for you not to have an appetite after recently undergoing implant placement surgery. You might express nervousness because you are concerned about the pain you might have to confront or might damage your mouth. However, the Peoria dentist will work with you to help you gradually reintroduce the essential foods you need back into your diet to help with your recovery.

How Will You Know What Foods You Can Have after Implant Surgery?

Following the surgical process for implant placement, the Peoria dentist ensures your mouth can tolerate food. You will receive medication to ease any post-operative discomfort and advice to eat soft and cold foods as they feel comfortable on your gums.

You must focus on soft foods you love adding protein whenever you can. With time your teeth gain strength, allowing you to eat different foods.

Westbrook Village Dental provides dental implants in Peoria with instructions on the foods you can or cannot have after implant surgery and your entire recovery process. If you consider dental implants, kindly contact this practice today to have your artificial replacement teeth.

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