The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Jul 16, 2019

Despite the major techniques that have been developed, visiting the dentist is still peoples’ biggest nightmare. This has majorly led to the development of sedation dentistry.

You can still be conscious

There are a variety of sedatives in the market, ranging from mild to moderate to deep sedatives. These sedatives have a different effect on the body. Some make you partially unconscious while others, completely unconscious. In cases of moderate or mild sedatives, people on whom they are administered can drive back home.

Making you more comfortable

Sedatives can make you relax and you may not feel the entire procedure, despite staying conscious. It helps people who suffer severe trauma in operation procedures. You will be at ease and your treatment can be done properly.


When the patients are unconscious, it helps the doctors operate with more concentration. The procedures may get completed within a day or two if it is done with zero disturbance. So, sedatives may reduce the time taken and enhance the dentists’ productivity.

No memory

People tend to suffer from mild amnesia if they are properly sedated during operation procedures. The patient may not have any memory of the surgery performed on him. He will always see it as a positive experience, adding value to his life.

Gag Reflex

During surgeries, it becomes necessary that the patient does not catch any other problem while being operated upon. If the patients inhale other substances than air, then gag reflexes may occur. Thus, it is suggested that dentists must use sedatives to avoid gag reflexes. The procedure can be performed carefully with precision and in minimal time.

Relaxes the patient

The subject can easily sit for longer durations if he is sedated. So, it is suggested that sedatives may be used for keeping him at rest for a longer period.

No need to be scared of needles anymore

There are patients who get scared of the idea of a needle getting injected into their bodies. So, sedatives can work wonders. A conscious body scared of needles may become a problem for the doctors. Hence, sedatives are suggested to be used.

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