Does the Whitening System Work on Dentures or Veneers?

Does the Whitening System Work on Dentures or Veneers?

May 01, 2023

If wearing dentures or having veneers on your teeth to hide gaps left by missing teeth or hide aesthetic defects with your teeth impacting your smile, you may wonder what you can do if your artificial teeth or veneers discolor over time. You may think the dental offices providing the replacement teeth or veneers can whiten them to ensure your smile appears pleasing.

Denture teeth and some versions of veneers can and do discolor with use over time and not maintaining the restorations appropriately. Therefore, brushing and flossing remain crucial for the replacement teeth or the façades covering them for protection against discoloration. In addition, you must also avoid certain foods and beverages acknowledged as primarily responsible for tooth discoloration.

If having dentures on your teeth or veneers, you must understand that the replacement teeth are like your natural teeth and do not respond to whitening systems if the appliances are discolored. Dental veneers are similar except for porcelain, which remains resistant to stains. However, all other versions of shells, including composite resin and laminates, can attract stains if you frequently have staining foods and drinks besides continue smoking to make the veneered teeth discolored.

How to Prevent Stains on Dentures and Veneers?

Whether you receive dentures in Peoria as replacement teeth or veneers from elsewhere, you receive after-care instructions from the providers to maintain them in excellent condition to ensure they do not discolor.

Denture teeth are best managed by cleaning the dentures after every meal to ensure food particles and dental plaque do not remain to accumulate on the denture surface. Avoiding smoking with denture teeth is also suggested by the Peoria dentist to prevent you from having discolored dentures and to consider whitening them.

Veneers are unlike dentures because they help improve the appearance of aesthetically affected teeth. Veneers are bonded to the tooth surfaces as shells or painted over the teeth depending on the version you choose to have. As mentioned earlier, except for porcelain veneers, others tend to discolor if you consume excessive coffee and red wine and have staining foods. The best way to prevent staining your veneers is to avoid or limit the consumption of staining foods and drinks and quit smoking to ensure the surfaces remain appealing instead of discoloring. As the shells are attached to the tooth surfaces, you must also receive regular checkups and cleanings from the dental offices near me to eliminate plaque and tartar accumulation constantly developing on your teeth.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Staining Veneers on Dentures

The staining visible on your dentures is generally superficial, and an accumulation of dental plaque and tartar coating your dentures to discolor them and make your teeth appear discolored. Staining will not occur if you clean the dental prosthetics appropriately to ensure you prevent discoloration. However, if you notice stains developing despite your everyday routine, it helps if you get teeth whitening for the appliances from a dental professional instead of using home remedies to whiten them.

When planning to get new dentures to replace your missing teeth, you should have the remaining teeth cleaned and whitened by the dentist in Peoria, AZ, before getting the replacement teeth to match your natural dentition. The Peoria dentist providing the dentures generally matches them to your natural teeth. The dentist creates your dentures after considering their whitened results to match the shade of the denture teeth to your natural teeth. After choosing and setting the denture teeth, changing or whitening them is impossible unless you want a new dental prosthetic. Therefore dentists suggest whitening your natural teeth to the shade of your dentures before investing in replacement teeth, especially if you have natural teeth remaining in your mouth.

Veneers work similarly, and after selecting a shade suitable for your mouth, the dentist recommends whitening your teeth to ensure the surfaces appear natural in your mouth without having a different shade. After getting the shells bonded over your teeth, you must care for them as suggested by the dentist to prevent staining or having an uneven smile.

Whitening systems best work on natural teeth and are ineffective against the materials used for creating dentures and veneers. However, tooth discoloration is adamant and will discolor any surface in your mouth, regardless of natural or superficial. Therefore before having dentures or veneers on your teeth, it helps if you inquire about caring instructions for the appliances or surfaces to prevent them from discoloring. However, if the replacement teeth or shells have accumulated stains, the dentist may suggest replacing them to complement your smile without offering whitening treatments suitable for natural teeth.

Westbrook Village Dental provides replacement teeth and cosmetic enhancements with veneers and advises patients on caring for them after placement in their mouth. If you consider getting dentures or veneers, discuss how to maintain them to prevent discoloring them to need replacements faster than expected.

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