Do You Need Emergency Dental Services?

Do You Need Emergency Dental Services?

Dec 01, 2019

Not every dental issue you experience qualifies for an emergency. Issues like a knocked-out tooth require immediate medical attention regardless of the hour while others like a lost crown can always be handled within normal business hours. Take note that your response time in the event of an emergency will determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about emergency dental care in Peoria, AZ, you are welcome to our Westbrook Village Dental clinic. A good emergency dentist should be available to see you within the shortest time possible after informing them of your issue. While some clinics have walk-dental emergency services, it is does you great good to have a dedicated dentist on standby.

Determining a Dental Emergency

You need to know when to you are having dental emergency in order to save you the time and trouble or impromptu visit to the dentist. If you are uncertain that what you are experiencing is an emergency, answering some of the below questions could help you figure it out.

  • Are you experiencing any bleeding from the mouth?
  • Do you have unbearable pain?
  • Did you lose a tooth or two?
  • Have experienced any trauma to the face or mouth?
  • Can you spot any swellings in the mouth or face area?
  • Are there any swellings, knots or bulges around your gums?

If you responded with a yes to any of these questions, it is possible you could be having a dental emergency. If still uncertain if there is really need to dash into the emergency clinic, you can first call your dentist and explain exactly what happened and how you are feeling. Your dentist may then give you the go-ahead to come into the clinic immediately or you may be asked to wait to visiting during normal operation n hours.

How to React to a Dental Emergency

Getting immediate dental treatment in the event of an emergency is crucial. But to further increase your chances of effective treatment, how you react in an emergency situation really matters. Rather than panicking and remaining in a state of confusion, quickly respond to the situation. The best thing you can do, even before an emergency occurs is to make sure that you are prepared. You can include a dental aid kit in your regular first aid box to help you in dealing with dental accidents.

If you are experiencing a toothache, you can try floss to see whether the cause might be food stuck in between your teeth. You can also swish warm water in your mouth to control the pain as you wait to see a dentist. If there is persistent bleeding or signs of an abscess, do not waste any time to get to the dentist. For a knocked-out tooth, pick it up by the crown and try to put it back in place. If that is not possible you can carry it in a clean container with milk and rush to the dentist. Other emergency issues include chipped or broken tooth or a loose tooth.

Can You Prevent Dental Emergencies?

Emergencies may be unforeseen, but situations it is still possible to avoid situations that put you at risk of suffering a dental emergency. Also, basic oral hygiene and routine dentist visits can stop an issue before it develops into an emergency. Other preventative measures include wearing a mouthguard when engaging in high impact activities such as weightlifting, boxing, skating and wrestling. Dentists also advice you against bad habits such as chewing on ice, pens or anything that poses harm to your teeth. speaking out whenever you suspect an issue is also very important because it will prompt your dentist to probe further and determine if there is an underlying problem to worry about.

Westbrook Village Dental clinic has experienced dentists that will help restore your smile after a dental emergency. We have a dedicated team of professionals and are equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment to serve our patients effectively and safely.

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