Candidates Who Are Unfit For Dental Implants

Candidates Who Are Unfit For Dental Implants

Oct 14, 2021

Dental implants are appropriate solutions for restoring missing permanent teeth, and you may consider getting them if you have lost one or more teeth. The implants are surgically embedded deep into the jawbone using titanium posts biocompatible with the body to function as artificial tooth roots. However, many patients are disappointed when informed by implantologists they are not suitable for dental implants. If you hear a similar opinion from the specialist you approach, will you consider it beneficial to accept a second opinion or forget about dental implants?

If the dentist informed you are not a candidate for dental implant surgery, they probably think you have an inadequate bone in the mouth to hold the implants in place. While the dentist’s opinion may be genuine, possibilities of you not having sufficient bone during your appointment also exists. However, if you are willing to undergo dental surgery for a bone graft, the procedure can make you a candidate for dental implants. Therefore the best advice we can provide is to get a second opinion from a dental implants specialist; a periodontist qualified to perform implant placements.

What Will the Second Opinion Reveal?

Many patients receive the information they are unfit for dental implant and seek opinions from other specialists to determine their candidacy for this excellent solution. Westbrook Village Dental also welcomes many patients requesting a second or third opinion. However, the experts at the facility accommodate patients and complete implant placements they were told they were unfit for.

Patients receive the information they are not candidates for dental implants because of various reasons. There are:

  • Inadequate Jaw Bone Structure: Many patients have insufficient jawbone in their mouths because of various reasons. Patients sometimes delay getting replacement teeth allowing jawbone resorption to continue unchecked. Implant placements can fail if the procedure is performed on a patient with insufficient jawbone. It is the most popular reason for candidature rejection leading to disappointments among many.
  • Inappropriate Skills: When dental professionals think a specific case is severe, they reject the patient’s candidature for dental implants instead of subjecting them to a procedure beyond their skills and comfort.
  • Inadequate Technology or Equipment: Many dental professionals have not invested in the equipment or technology necessary to ensure successful results from dental implant placements. The lack of equipment or technology encourages them to reject patient’s candidature for dental implants, which is not genuinely the case.

If you are rejected as inefficient for dental implants, you must schedule an appointment with the dental office mentioned above, where you will likely find the answers pleasantly surprising.

Reasons of Rejection for Dental Implant Placements

The most common reason for rejecting patients for dental implant placements is the lack of sufficient jawbone. When you visit the aforementioned dental practice, the specialists examine and review your medical and dentistry and perform a 3D dental cone beam scan. The practice has virtual implant planning software, and the specialist will show you where your implants are best strategically located. They also inform you whether you need bone grafts before getting your implants. The specialist plans the entire treatment with you and will also discuss various options to enable you to make your best choice according to your treatment goal, lifestyle, and budget.

Is Bone Grafting Surgery Painful?

Until this moment, a painless surgical procedure is yet to be discovered by medical or dental professionals. However, dentists perform bone grafting procedures safely and comfortably, giving you adequate anesthesia to numb your mouth and make you entirely comfortable. Any pain you experience is expected after the surgical procedure besides some swelling in your mouth. However, you receive adequate after-care instructions and comprehensive medication protocols to manage post-operative discomfort.

Are There Alternatives to Bone Grafting?

If you are not in favor of any dental surgery and want to avoid bone grafting, you can undoubtedly find alternative measures to have dental implants to replace the missing teeth. Mini implants earlier intended for temporary use are currently available even for permanent placements. These implants have a narrow diameter beneficial for areas where you have insufficient jawbone. You can also find implants with a short body useful for unique situations. Therefore if you are rejected for dental implants, we advise that you contact Westbrook dental for a second opinion to fulfill your desire to have natural-looking artificial teeth in your mouth. Instead of expressing disappointment, you will benefit from the second opinion you seek because it helps you replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

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