How Can Orthodontic Treatment Help?

An orthodontic is specialised in making the teeth straight. The treatment can be cosmetic which improves the appearance and aims…

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Everything you need to know about bad breath

Fast facts on bad breath Bad breath is estimated to affect 1 in 4 people globally. Most common cause of…

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Common Myths and Facts About Dental Veneers

Every advanced dental treatment comes with some myths and misconception attached to it. Even when dental veneers are perfect for…

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The Truth About Root Canals: 8 Myth Breaking Facts

Root canal is one of the treatments that make people anxious. If you are also one of those people who…

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What to Know About Partial Dentures

Partial Denture is a set of replacement teeth attached with a pink/gum-colored plastic bases. It gets the strength of chewing…

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An Overview of Root Canals

What Is Dental Pulp? The dental pulp is the soft area within center of the tooth which contains blood vessels,…

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