5 Reasons Why a Tooth Extraction is Necessary

5 Reasons Why a Tooth Extraction is Necessary

Mar 01, 2019

What is Tooth Extraction?

The procedure of tooth extraction in Peoria, AZ involves removal of the tooth roots from the surrounding bone. In most of the cases, other than impacted teeth, the top of the tooth is already not covered by bone, so roots are what must be removed.

There are 2 types of extraction procedures: Surgical and simple extraction.

When all other options to save your tooth have been exhausted, a dentist near you will recommend you to get your tooth extracted.

5 Reasons Why We Resort to Tooth Extraction

In majority of the cases dentist near AZ 85382 tries to save your tooth but some instances leave no choice.

Let’s have a look:

Irreparable tooth damage due to severe decay: When the decay is spotted earlier, Dentist in Westbrook would often repair the damage tooth decay causes. In fact, a filling or a dental crown can usually work to restore the tooth. However, if the decay is very severe and the tooth’s structure is weak then tooth extraction is done. Left untreated, the decay will spread.

A viable solution to periodontal disease: Gum disease or periodontal disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. Healthy gums act as the foundation to secure and hold your teeth in its place. If advanced gum disease is found around one or more of your teeth without proper support, tooth extraction may be the recommended solution.

Extraction may help an impacted tooth: Teeth that are impacted which are generally the third molars may require extraction. Extraction is also done for impacted poor bite situation. When wisdom teeth are impacted they are usually removed as they cause more problems. Impacted wisdom tooth can cause gum disease, decay, swelling and infection. That’s why they are extracted.

To eliminate teeth overcrowding: Sometimes tooth extraction in Peoria is done for some kind of orthodontic treatment. In case of overcrowded teeth, getting straight teeth becomes difficult and thus extraction is done says dentist near Peoria, AZ

Necessary after an accident: If you have met with an accident and your teeth are beyond repair then dental extraction is recommended.

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